As we move through September, we are challenged with new routines, new schools and new jobs. Use this chart to plan 4 moves into your routine daily.


[click on the image to download it and save to your phone, tablet or computer!]

Ann’s  Shine On Time : 

  1. Choose one movement from each of the four columns:  LEGS, CORE, ARMS and OVERALL.  Or, for the first week do the sequence as is. See moderations below!
  2. Perform each movement 20 seconds UP TO 50 seconds each, with a 10 second rest between movements, until all four movements are completed.
  3. Take a 60 second rest.
  4. IF you have time and are able, REPEAT the four moves to complete the program for the day.
  5. Do this program three times a week to begin and slowly build to daily. Kindness is your highest wisdom – be KIND to yourself as you begin this journey!


pistolsquatswithchair pistolsquatswithwall pushupfromknees squatswithchair

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