In our world of constant movement and change, we often miss the significance of the moment. In today’s technological culture, we are enveloped by the need to capture each magical moment. And so we share photos, share our stories but I challenge you are we truly embracing the moment when we are taking the time to capture the joy with a click of the button?

On a recent CBC podcast, Ditch Social media and FOMO to discover the joy of missing out , they reflected on what is happening in our world when we invest time in digitally capturing moments instead of being there?

Isn’t it time to be present in our own story. To enjoy those tiny moments, before they too are gone. I challenge you to discover the joy of missing out. Put down the phone and simply enjoy the moment, and allow the memory to be engrained in your mind instead of simply an image on a screen.

To remember what it’s like to live in the moment watch a small child. They are completely immersed in what they are doing. Even on a walk to the park, they are not rushing to there. They are watching the small worm creep along the path, the magic of dandelion fluff flying in the breeze or picking up the rocks that are on the way.

Being present is not easy. Our mind is rushing with all of the things that we need to do.  This is where I find yoga really helps. When you find your mind rambling and wandering, take a deep cleansing breathe. Sometimes you may need to take more than one to bring you back to the moment. This is ok. This is your journey. This is your life. Rediscover the beauty that surrounds you and the happiness in simply being.

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