Ann Green has a wealth of knowledge to share to inspire, inform and connect you to your most free and awesome self. She has provided workshops, private lessons, team trainings and talks to big corporations, small businesses, sports teams and schools across Canada and the US.

Choose from a wide variety of workshops or speeches or work with us to create a unique program that best suits your audience.

Some of Ann’s more popular topics include:
Happy Hips, MiYoga + Sely Body Work, Hands Free Yoga, Stress + Relaxation Techniques, How to Cope with Stress as a Business Owner, and many other inspiring topics to create a life that you desire. Side-effects Ann’s visits, may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Increased awareness of your own true desires
  • Improved freedom and mobility in your body and brain
  • Inspired confidence and leadership
  • Increased productivity
  • Overall amazingness
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Inspire, connect and inform your audience with Ann’s knowledge of many different areas or have her contribute to your publication.

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