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Professional development and personal enrichment through Ann and with my faculty at BLiSS, includes the offering of a 200hr FOUNDATIONAL Yoga Teacher Training course out of my home studio, BLiSS Ann Green Yoga.  This course runs from September to December on weekends.  AND, we are happy to announce we are now hosting a year long version of the FOUNDATIONAL YTT during the DAYTIME!  WED YTT.  Meet from October to the beginning of June, select WEDNESDAYS from 9 am to 3 pm.  This is the perfect professional and personal elevation of education and continued learning for the stay at home parent, the traveler, the shift worker and the entrepreneur, as well as the retiree. With either program of entering the teaching world of yoga, the benefits of choosing the FOUNDATIONAL SHiNE OM YTT program with myself and my team includes tax receipt, accreditation with YA and CYA , and membership to the studio.  Our unique offering of support into and post graduation include both the SHiNE Ambassadorship within study period and extends post grad, with the MARIGOLD SHiNE Mentorship.  Your continued care in your career is fully supported by our team of SHiNE through BLiSS.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit my studio website.

advanced yoga teacher education

Building upon the rich content of the FOUNDATIONAL course, the 300hr ELEVATE Your SHiNE, Yoga Teacher Education, supports the next step in the path to our full certification as a SHiNEOLOGIST.  This would round out a certification of 500 RYT.  We have continued options to 1000 hours.  These YACEP options include continued professional development + education including:  Aerial YTT, Alignment and ‘Annatomy’ YTT,  Pre + Post Natal YTT, Athlete SHiNE YTT, SUP Yoga YTT, and more. Kindly view the suggested pathway in this pdf. SHINEOM-journeytoshine-postcard_v3 Ann also teaches various advanced courses for professional development in the health and wellness field, and as well, both the yoga teacher or a yogi who would love to learn more. These courses are offered via module and intensively weekend and some evenings, and soon will be available through online education, here in our upcoming link to learning.  All courses are continuing education YA accredited with Ann’s 500 YACEP accountability.  Please view some of the courses that offered here.

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