Ann Green

500 ERYT  500 RYT  500 YACEP  MExSc  BEd  BA

Ann’s mission in life is to manifest that deep vibration of connection and happiness discovered through the web and flow of love and nature.  An active green ‘be’ing, she inspires others to act as a conduit in their own deep power all as an integral part of the magical tapestry of life interwoven and connected to be a force of that nature and surf that magical tapestry creating a truly deep and connected quilt of community, harmonious to all.   She aims to inspire and to spread happiness in neighbourhoods everywhere ~ SHiNE on!  She radiates living life to the fullest! Ann is a yogi, a runner, a surfer and a shineologist and has been teaching this revealing force of nature in her approach to yoga, humbly inspiring more bliss in this awe inspiring world.  Her work resonates a weaving; a tapestry of love and light through traditional foundations and modern, fun approaches in a playful style, enlightening your heart, your mind and your body in every yoga journey shared.  Her vast experience as an international world class athlete brings the confidence and wisdom in training and technique needed to be embraced by all athletes and students of this amazing force, life!  She works with many professional and amateur athletes and teams and is in constant admiration of all students of sport, yoga and life.  Ann meets you where you are at and encourages you to shine brightly.  As an avid athlete, the vinyasa yoga experience with Ann will embrace ahimsa in alignment and attunement and will share her vast and wild love of nature and our connection in this force.  Powerful and transformative, nurturing and intuitive, your journey will rise to intelligent ascent and anatomical wisdom through fun, fluid flows and deep powerful knowledge. You will be guided with humour, with love and with profound respect of the coexistence of all life.  Get ready for fun, phenomena and wisdom of the mystical power inside.  Your own leader from that deeply whole place of ‘Wahoo!’ right inside the very core of you!  Shineology has been growing in fun and fabulousness since 1998; Ann has been ascending + cultivating happiness since 1970!

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